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Published: 3 months ago
Author: BullishCharts

No Safe Havens, No Where To Hide. | #GOLD $BTC #SP500

Rarely have we seen, or will we ever see again, the market conditions and volatility that has dominated the markets since late February. Culminating in mass panic and hysteric selling; the downside pressure intensified as buyers disappeared and bids at very low levels were accepted. The financial markets have changed to such an extent that traditional methods have been replaced by algorithmic and margin/leverage trading systems. These computerized algorithms operate at speeds that overwhelm the retail investors; who unfortunately become over leveraged in losing trades.

Indeed, it is not just retail investors that have been caught over leveraged. The drop in so called safe havens, like Gold, Silver and even Bitcoin, demonstrate that institutional investors have had to rush for capital; so as to protect leveraged equity investments.

This perfect storm for the markets will not be over any time soon, despite what analysts and the experts in the media try to convey. The fact that the USA will be printing Dollars is not a catalyst; bailing out airlines, cruise operators and oil producers with fresh dollars, only devalues the currency and places additional burden on taxpayers to help bail out billionaires once again.

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The devaluing of currencies is the final safe haven to fall and will not help to maintain a bull market that has technically already ended. Political propaganda about our economy has been misleading since Mr. Trump took office. The stock market went up, as did spending on defense, while social amenities, infrastructure, education and health care have remained an afterthought. These are the things people should measure economic strength on; not the growth in the number of Billionaires and Guns.

Be safe and take care of your family. Don’t go chasing losses and spend your time planning for the future; when COVID-19 virus is under control.

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